Tangled Illusions

Tangled illusions of an unknown self,

tumblr_ltr730q8EO1r4gmt7o1_500_0 chasing the world  fooling the heart.

Scrounging for the lies to please a stirred love

when the truth lies there, disrobed and naked

denuding a soul shattered in ten.

Wanting the midnight sun to fade

the forgotten halves of the gloomy moon

yet known it is to me both are born to the same blue

one hides while one shines the sky.

Your one half resides in another half of mine

for you to become me and me to become you

and the stifled soul yet is undone and incomplete,

Losing what it gets wanting what is not.

Teaches me the world things go awry this way

but illusions take my drift, walk me another way

to please the me touched, in love lying bare.

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2 thoughts on “Tangled Illusions

  1. Hey Rain,
    Beautifully written! It’s really deep and hits you right away. Keep writing! 🙂

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