words-they say it all!

Writing..the blissful act of unleashing your soul, …the very core of it… swooshing along all your possessions and obsessions- hidden deep down that cage of your ribs, cloaked in a damp air. Thoughts come out… some, and then all is there, laid right in front of your eyes. You see yourself in a mere string of words, unveiled, naked!

It must have been easy for some, to tell,to express,,,but I have always had my halts. I would stop and stare and then stare again at that cacophony coming out of my fingers when I can neither slow it down, nor can I stop it. Just like now, I hear that antsy pace these words are running out of my head, as if imprisoned from ages, wanting to come out but guess I never let them. I held them shut, somewhere sunk inside my deep blue heart…and now that it is done I am gawking at myself. It’s suddenly so hollow. All i can hear is this barefaced silence, like the world just skipped a spin!

I wonder how words have the power to settle you down, to bring in a hundred tempests altogether. They amuse you, surprise you and let you fall in wonder when they reveal you, the you that even you never knew of. The way they club together, mere a few letters and then mere a few words, and there lies your soul, bare, disrobed…with such effortless ease.

They have so much in them, more than a thousand lives, tears cried, smiles shared, laughs, anger, hatred, love, despair, jealous, all of what we have in us lies there behind those coffee stains ,those thought-stained pages full of homeless words. The treasures of one’s life, their past, their being, their future, they have seen it all and such beautiful companions they are, they take it to their grave, not a thing about it to the world, never, not even to the ensuing reader who now holds it as closer to his breast as you once did harboring her with the same love as intimate as yours,sharing his faded secrets and the thoughts. They lie there watching you step in your past and then they sway along with you in some future of yours which disappears in an instant and reappears in another. They follow you and they lead you, you need no God ,you need no friend because they know you better than them. Your tears hold meaning to them and so does your joy.

They crumble and they fall, they say it all. They watch you live, they watch you die, they take you away and they bring you back,with a million more moments and with a million more hearts, right there inside some dusted corner of your hushed heart they lock it up and when you find it You feel solace, You feel ecstasy!

You salve and You survive!

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2 thoughts on “words-they say it all!

  1. Whoa. An apt, super-true and forthright description of what we feel while writing. ..I could actually imagine myself in that same place!! Especially the way you’ve written it…straight from the heart. Without much decoration or several editings. This a naive expression of that naked emotion we feel while we read books and write our thoughts. …And it rouses me and instantly connects to me because of its pure natural wild jumple of thoughts flowing outta you unmasked and unalderated. I really like this one. Do this more often.

    • Thank you so much Akshay. I am happy you could actually relate to all that and this is exactly what i meant with that ‘trance’ state of mine 😛 lol and yes right, it came out all candid and well as you know-the heart speaks finesse 😉 so of course it needed no decor .
      Just an honest account of my feelings which i tried to put in words …’unmasked’ as you said, surely too far yet from the actual feel i assume but I guess I had to initiate this little perception of the actuality to bring out more 😉 . I am glad you liked it. 🙂

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