The aisle of your dreams…


Two eyes wide open

and two lulled to the deepest sleep.

Two watching you and two thinking of me in mist.

Breaths got counted and the heartbeats heard,

Scent gushed in, till the core, when the legs entwined.

The touch of my lips sensed by yours

And then suddenly that echo in my soul.

I saw you felt me feeling you

even my fingers knew the aisle of your dreams that night,

tracing the whole of your body, wandering all those hours

from your mind to mine and mine to yours.

That ecstasy dragged and drowned me  you and in us.

My eyes wide open and yours lulled to sleep…

I let myself sink…in you, in us.

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One thought on “The aisle of your dreams…

  1. Prachi Malani on said:

    It is now in my list of favorite poems. Beautiful flow, emotions and everything.

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